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The voice of choice for recovery and beyond
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Mike Downing   (#180)   

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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Pure Commitment Inc.
Training and Development Manager
2520 La Cristal Circle

Palm Beach Gardens, FL  

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Mike’s mission is to facilitate a personal decision to change using discretion, practical tools and interaction.Pure Commitment (PCI) provides a facilitation service for clients ready for change outside of the old maxim of “trying harder”.

Pure Commitment is dedicated to the highest level of discretion, security and anonymity. Mike serve high profile clients that include celebrities and business executives who can be isolated from having candid and safe conversation. Therefore every client is anonymous, respected and protected under a maximum level of security.

Mike has almost two decades of distinguished experience with executive coaching, corporate leadership training, preparing, and enabling individuals to live better while staying in balance. Mike immediately puts everyone at ease as he encourages full integrity in every level of safe conversation and facilitates discipline to stay focused while moving forward. He has an uncanny sense and ability to connect to those ready for change.

As a certified coach, his skills include facilitating how to live free and manage life balance, overcoming addictions, accountability to family and friends, integrity training and practical life tools that support sustainable results. He has a proven record in conflict management and communication using discipleship principles. Mike is enthusiastic about his team approach of working together assisting individual or couples to reach and sustain their goals permanently.

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Mike and his wife live in Palm Beach Garden Florida where they enjoy walks on the beach, reading, and travel. They have four grown children and eight grandchildren living in Minnesota, Colorado, and Nevada.


Statement of Relationship for

Treatment Centers, Clients and Health Care Providers


PURE COMMITMENT, INC. (“PCI”) is a Florida corporation that, through its founder Mike Downing, provides private individualized services to facilitate a person’s life goals, recovery and treatment plans.     PCI has the experience to act as a chaperone, companion and coach to assist a client in refraining from undesirable conduct and addictive tendencies and in leading a life that is “addiction-free,” “substance-free,” “sober” and “clean” without relapse as the client continues to follow his/her personal goals and treatment plan provided by a treatment center coordinator, medical provider, or other professional.  PCI understands the need for these services after a client leaves a treatment center or medical facility to avoid relapse, or to ensure that a client continues the recommended treatment plan and advice already provided.  Whether it be senior transitions, sobriety, weight loss, conflict and stress, addictions, marriage, pornography, fidelity issues, or other personal issues, PCI skillfully provides the momentum and strength a client needs, at any given time of the day, to be focused, committed and productive in the client’s desired changes to daily life.


  1. PCI’s services are not a substitute for the client’s personal treatment plan. 

    The private services that PCI provides to its clients are not a replacement or substitute for a client’s personal treatment plan or any other treatment, diagnosis, care, advice, counseling, therapy, recommendations, prescriptions or medications.  Instead, PCI facilitates and encourages a client’s compliance with the client’s existing care and treatment plan. 

  2. PCI’s services will not conflict with the client’s personal treatment plan or preferred provider.

  3. In referring any patient or client to PCI, please be assured that PCI’s services will not counter or conflict with any advice, counseling or other care and treatment prescribed or recommended for a mutual client.  PCI does not provide medical, mental or other professional treatment, diagnosis, advice, counseling, therapy, prescriptions, or medications of any kind.  Nor does PCI recommend or refer clients to particular treatment centers or providers. 

  4. PCI is a completely independent entity and service.

    PCI is an independent company that is not connected to any entity or provider of recovery treatment or medical, mental or professional care of any kind.

  5. There is no referral fee to or from PCI. 

Because PCI acts as a completely independent service, it does not accept any referral fees nor pay referral fees to any treatment center or provider. 


The first 120 days after a life change decision/program are the most difficult.  Let PCI assist your clients in continuing the plan or program you have put in place.

Yours truly,


Mike Downing,


Recovery Coaches International