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Jessamine Gibb   (#199)   (Jessamine)
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A Master Life Coach with Certificates in Happiness, Goal Success and Life Purpose Coaching I also have many years of Case Management experience assisting people with substance use issues to enter the detoxification process, stay off drugs and alcohol as the first priority and then start turning their lives around to achieve their goals. My goal as Coach is always to help clients create a life worth living, where they develop strong self-esteem, and where working towards their dreams has higher value than the temporary comforts of indulging in drugs or alcohol.
I also have Certificates in front-line work with people affected by 'ice' (methamphetamine) delivered by The National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA), which is based within the School of Medicine at Flinders University in South Australia. I have undertaken a great deal of other professional development you can find on my LinkedIn profile.
Additionally, I have a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology during which I studied substance use across society, including not just controlled / illegal substances but also alcohol and other commonly used substances accepted within society.
It will also comfort some prospective clients to know I grew up in a community saturated by the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. I have experience of drug misuse myself, and also of seeing friends fall into very desperate times with their drug dependency. I know first-hand the difficulties of extracting yourself from environments where drug use is the norm, as well as the challenge of changing the way you view yourself so that sobriety becomes your new normal.
As a multi-skilled professional with a holistic focus I can take you through everything besides that for which medical staff are required (e.g. inpatient detox and diagnosis of underlying conditions). Once you are on your feet I can also assist you with Career Counselling to prepare for getting back into the workforce if your addiction has robbed you of your professional standing. I am a Career Development Association of Australia recognised Career Counsellor as well as being a Recovery Coach.
Please do not hesitate to email me at I'd love to chat with you about how I can help you turn the corner for good.

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